Before applying applicants are asked to read the Accommodation, Activities and Commitment sections as well as the costs information on Page 1 of the Application Form.

Room & Meals:

Single rooms are available on Floors 1-5 with cheaper single rooms on the Lower Ground Floor. 
Twin Rooms are available on Floors 1-4. 
Lower Ground Floor - Floor 4 are accessible by lift.

Students must accept a room for a minimum of 30 term-time weeks.

Students can stay for additional weeks at the ‘Out of Term Rate’ in the Christmas and Easter holidays, only postgraduates can stay over the summer period. Students not staying over the Christmas and Easter holidays will not be charged, provided they clear their rooms of their personal belongings.

The fees include breakfast and weekday evening meals during term-time, breakfast only out of term-time.


Complete the online Application Form Part 2 - pages 4 and 5 
Please note that all sections must be completed. 
If you do not have a CONTACT ADDRESS different from your PERMANENT ADDRESS, please type ‘N/A’ in the text area. 

Applicants should give as their referee someone who has known them well within the last 5 years and can attest to their suitability as a More House resident, for example a priest or pastor, a teacher.

The Administrator will send Part 3 of the Application Form to your referee to return direct to More House.

Applications are reviewed in batches from May onwards. Students will be informed whether or not a place can be offered, as soon as their Application has been processed.

Application form DOCX
Application form PDF

Please return it via email or fax, or by post. If you have any questions you can contact us.