Welcome to More House

More House is closing as a student hall of residence at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. Applications from students looking for accommodation up to the 30th September 2020 are still being accepted. Please go to our Applications page.

More House is a Catholic Chaplaincy and Student Centre for University students. We offer a wide variety of events and a regular weekly programme to help you explore, develop and deepen your faith. There are opportunities for prayer, faith sharing, bible study, and reflection. We encourage engagement with social justice issues through our Sunday evening talks and our volunteering programme. You are welcome to visit our chapel which is open all day for prayer. Central to our community is our 11 am Sunday Mass to which all are invited.

More House is also a catered Hall of Residence for 75 full time university students who have chosen to live together as a community. Residents contribute by sharing some duties. Although we are Catholic we welcome applications from Christians of other denominations and students of other faiths who are attracted by the values of our community.

We have a Meeting Room for hire which is used by a wide variety of organisations and groups.

In the summer, we offer Bed and Breakfast hostel accommodation to visitors from all over the world and also provide accommodation for postgraduate students studying in London and students who are doing internships and exchange programmes as part of their university studies.

More House is owned by the Canonesses of St Augustine, Congregation of Our Lady